What is it?
An original take on the classic Out Of This World effect,
takes the separation of red and black cards to a whole new level.

And incorporates a wonderful storytelling theme to it.
What you get
26 photos typical of Amsterdam.
Custom printed on poker size 300 gsm card stock.

Half the photos have a red filter and half have a blue filter, for instant identification.
The backs feature a clever marking system.

Supplied in a plastic card case and with an extra double backed card for making your own routines around.

The instructions are in the form of a written sheet which explains one possible routine and handling.
And a link to online video instructions
(although performers may use their own preferred handling if they wish)
There is always plenty to see and do in Amsterdam.
Some things are very cultural...some maybe a little "alternatively cultural"

Invite your audience for a weekend in Amsterdam.
Let them choose from a range of activities and sights.
What choices will they make?
And what do those choices say about them?

Lots of fun and interaction for you and your audience.
Involve a single participant, or better still, invite a couple to participate.
thought illusions
thought illusions
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