I don’t put out pie-in-the-sky theoretical effects, that are impractical in the real world..
Effects I put out of my own have been rigorously tested before real audiences.
Effects which I help develop for other people are treated with the same care as my own.
Everything I do is handled by a real person. From effect construction to E mailing of PDFs.

As much as possible I manufacture all necessary props to accompany my effects.
I have my own in-house photo studio and printing facilities.
I also have extensive wood and paper working equipment.
This allows me to put out effects exactly as intended with minimal outside influence or interference.
Links to all the effects I supply are listed on the left
(during the re-design of the website this list will be added to daily)

Some of our effects are displayed in the images below.
You can also click on them to vist the related page.
thought illusions
thought illusions
E mail: steve@thoughtillusions.com
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