iMASH is exactly the same effect as iMAC (see here) only using Super Heroes/Villains instead of celebrities. 

Due to the way iMAC was received, this Super Hero version will soon be made available.

The performer shows a bunch of photograph-cards of Super Heroes, and hands them to a participant.

“I want you to imagine you are have to save the universe from attack by hostile aliens. Choose who you'd like to lead a band of heroes."

The participant is instructed to look through the photographs until they find their “Team Leader”
The performer is looking away and sees nothing.

“If you turn over your chosen picture you will see the names of various other Super Heroes/Villains.

I want you to imagine you have to put a team together to help save the universe.
I’d like you to read out the names of 4 or 5 other heroes you'd like to have in the team, including whoever you chose as leader, in any order you like."

The performer then considers the team members and names the Super Hero/Villain chosen as leader.
What is it?
iMASH is an effect which can be performed in any language.
It enables the performer to know what Super Hero/Villain photo a person has chosen simply by listening to the sound of their voice.
And in some instances with nothing spoken at all.

Nothing written down, so nothing to peek. Simple handling (can also be totally hands off)

You could even post the cards to someone and do the effect over the phone.

Leave the cards with your audience after the show if you wish, they will not find the secret!

This is one of those rare effects that can be repeated over and over again without fear of discovery.
What you get
You receive 30 Tarot-Sized photo-image cards custom printed on top quality card stock.

Written instruction explain the diabolically simple secret that enables the performing of this miracle.

Then it's up to each performer to decide how best to use their new found power in a way that best suits their character and performance style.
(I'm  A Super Hero)
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