What is it?
Memory Lane is a poker sized deck of image cards.
It features 2 alphabetical series of pictures. (A-Z 1 and A-Z 2)
The images have been specially chosen to illustrate areas of life that everyone can relate to.
Which means the effects we do with them can be made to feel personal to our audience.

The performer will know from the backs, which image has been selected.

But this knowledge isn't the importnat part......
It's what you do with that knowledge that's important. How you reveal it.
What you get
You receive 52 poker sized cards containing rich imagery, and sneaky properties that will enable the reveal of information, drawing dupes, spectator as mind-reader effects etc.
Even use them to give readings.
You will also receive an extensive PDF (with submissions from Michael Murray and others)describing the properties of the image cards and some routines to use with them.
Along with suggestions on how to develop your own ways to use the image cards.

Also included is an extra card for a bonus effect. That could, if you wish, be tied in to the use of a colour cube or similar item.
Memory Lane
Why reveal a random word, a number, or a playing card?
As mentalists we should be aiming to connect with people on a much deeper level than that.

Why not reveal a memory!!!
Memories live in our hearts and minds. We treasure how they make us feel.

Memory Lane is the tool to help you reveal those memories.

With Memory Lane you will be able to take your spectator through magical journey into their past, revealing personal information that will touch them emotionally.

This deck is utility tool to open up limitless possibilities.
Bring your audiences memories to life.
thought illusions
thought illusions
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