Tempus Fugit
From an idea by Maarten Bosmans. Made real by the mysterious Eno.
What you get
The two watches come supplied with a one sheet description of the effect described above.
And the handling to achieve the effect.
Tempus Fugit it a utility prop and each performer should be able to come up multiple ways to use it.

(A brief description of the watches and the which hand effect are included)
Tempus Fugit
The performer shows a small pocket watch on a chain.

He removes it from the chain and shows a spectator how to alter the time on the watch.
The spectator does so, but with the watch turned face down so even he doesn’t know what time he set.

The pin is depressed so that the hands can no longer turn and the performer then demonstrates how he would like the spectator to take the watch behind his back and hide it in one of his hands.

The spectator does so and brings his hands forward.

The performer always knows which hand the watch is in.
This can be repeated numerous times.

For a finale the spectator is asked to look at the time on the watch.
The performer reads his mind and correctly determines the time set.

The watch can now be re-attached to the chain and used in a pendulum effect.
What is it?

Produced in collaboration with Maarten Bosmans, Tempus Fugit consists of two identical pocket watches.
(which fit in the hand very easily)

One is a completely normal, working watch; the other has been altered in a way that makes it possible to know which hand it is hidden in.

Many mentalists already have the ability to pick up psychic ‘vibrations’ from hidden things.
I guess that must come with the ‘magnetic’ personality most of them have. (wink, wink, smiley face)

In tests done with  a…let’s call it ‘Fax of Triple Dimensions’....
the read distance was 5 - 6 inches (12 cm - 15 cm) Through the back of a hand.
Tempus Fugit II
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