Why a version 3.0

When I developed Visionary 2.0, I was asked by one of the World’s top mentaliststs   (who wishes to be referred to only as “C”)
to make a custom set for him.
He had certain ideas that required more cards than Visionary 2.0

I agreed to keep this “custom” version secret for as long as C wanted.

On Christmas day 2016 I got a message from C, saying he was now happy for the custom Visionary to be released to the wider mentalism community.

I have tweaked it slightly, and added a couple of extra features.

I'm sure it will be as popular as Visionary 2 was.
What is it?
Visionary is an effect which can be performed in any language.
It enables the performer to know what image a person has chosen simply by listening to the sound of their voice.
And in some instances with nothing spoken at all.

Nothing written down, so nothing to peek. Simple handling (can also be totally hands off)

This is one of those rare effects that can be repeated over and over again without fear of discovery.

Below are videos of the three phases of Visionary
(the videos are using the version 2 cards as they are larger and show up better on the video)
What you get
You receive 52 poker sized cards in an innocent white box.
40 of these cards form the basis of Visionary 3.
There are also 12 extra cards included for use in ESP match-up type effects...
but using images rather than ESP symbols.

Extensive instructions on how to perform the three phases of Visionary,
plus suggestions for other effects using the same cards OOTW effects for example.
Plus ideas on other ways to make use of the cards.
Visionary 3
There are a limited number of Visionary 2 available. Once they are gone they will not be repeated.  Click here for details.
(There are a limited number of Visionary 2 available. Once they are gone they will not be repeated.  Click here for details.)
The video instructions for V3 are not completed yet, but if people don't want to wait, and would rather order it now, it will ship with instructions for V2 plus notes on the new features of V3.
This in no way restricts what you can do with V3
The video instructions are just to get everything in one place.
They are not necessary for use of V3.
thought illusions
thought illusions
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