Using the Visionary principle, adapted for words rather than images, you can know what selections your audience have made. Purely by the sound of their voice.

Use it as a stand-alone effect or as part of a One-Ahead routine.

Choose from Bucket List, Going Places or Dream Date.

Or use all three for a Confabulation routine.
What is it?
Three versions of one effect capable of being stacked together.

This  is one effect in three different versions which, together, make up Trinity
All three sets are exactly the same method and presentation, just with a different theme.
Bucket List is based on Items people might choose to put on their bucket list.
Going Places is based on cities that people may like to visit.
Dream Date is based on famous people that a spectator may like to go on a dinner date with.

Each set is capable of being used as a stand alone piece.
Each set has three phases of increasing impossibility leading to increasingly wild audience reactions.
Based on the original Visionary principle, these stun audiences and are super simple to perform.
Each set contains 20 poker sized cards. And they can be used for extra bonus effects such as OOTW

If however, you have all three sets, as well as being able to add variety to your arsenal of routines
with no extra work, it will allow you to do a confabulation style presentation;
In which an activity is chosen from  Bucket List
A location is chosen form Going Places
And a companion is chosen from Dream Date

All choices are free and fair.
Some of the options they could have chosen for each category are read out.
100% without fail the performer names the chosen Activity, Location and Celebrity
What you get
THREE! sets of Trinity cards.

Bucket List, Dream date, and Going Places.

Each set consists of 20 poker sized cards, custom printed on 300gsm card stock.

Trinity Triple Set
thought illusions
thought illusions
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